Crimson Sweet Watermelon

28 Aug

Today is Sunday August 28, 2011, and it’s oppressively hot here.

The DFW area has had 62 days of temperatures over 100 degrees and todays high is forecasted to reach 107, oh joy.  Along with the crazy hot heat we have had very little to no rain. Its’ going to take a hurricane to knock the high pressure front  loose from its iron clad grip it has on Texas. Too bad hurricane Irene choose to hit the Eastern Seaboard and not the Gulf Coast 😦

Never the less I enjoy playing in my gardens and they still nature my soul. So today I got up early to water them and in the process I found myself squishing the mud between my toes, among other more typical gardening activities. Well to be honest I get up early every day, so today was no different. As I was giving them their morning water I noticed that the watermelon plant had two REALLY big melons. They looked ripe so I picked one to check before I picked the other melon since this is the first time I have grown watermelons and I am really not sure how to tell if they are ripe.

I also decided to shoot a video of the crazy watermelon patch that somehow did not get the memo that it’s too hot and dry to be such a strong vibrant plant.



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